Truth, Lies, and Alibis

Truth, Lies, and Alibis: The beginning and the end of Abby Marsh

The beginning and the end of Abby Marsh

by Annmarie Sartor

Abigail “Abby” Alexis Marsh is an independent, beautiful, and intelligent girl who couldn’t ask for more in her luxurious life. For the past seventeen years, her life has been privileged. She is happy, carefree, sheltered, and naïve. With her father’s career as a powerful US diplomat that took them around the world–Germany, Guam, Italy, Spain, and now the Philippines–she’s introduced to unique people, cultures, languages, art, music, and philosophies. As she is ready to embark on a new and exciting phase in her life, her father has been murdered–and his death leads her to intriguing Truth, Lies, and Alibis that will determine her fate.

With Abby’s father’s death, everything is wrecked; and her world has come to a screeching halt, sentencing her to drown into an overpowering inertia. It has left her completely alone and clinging to her sanity. As she stumbles through each day, a mysterious and magnetic stranger enters Abby’s life, waking her from her walking coma. Through bizarre twists of events and revelations, Abby discovers that her father may not be who she thought he was and that her lover is keeping a lethal secret. Terrified to be with him, yet more terrified to be away from him, Abby attempts to play a dangerous game to uncover her father’s secret past, her lover’s clandestine vocation, and the very meaning of everything she’s ever believed.

Filled with mystery, drama, suspense and intense emotions, this book will surely leave readers absolutely engrossed and wanting for more. As they get entangled in this web of Truth, Lies, and Alibis, they will only realize that they have been captured by the story just when they arrive at the last page.